Can users log into an app using MS365 instead of Google for SSO?

I see that Google login is supported, but what if we all use Microsoft 365 instead? Right now that's how we authenticate to all internal systems, as well as all our partner external systems, as it's all via your Azure AD account. I saw the Enterprise plan mentions custom SSO, so does that mean MS365 login would be possible on that plan, and if so how does that change the login screen? (Referring to the Retool login page) or does a new separate custom one get created?

@Psycho_Bunny SSO with AzureAD is supported on enterprise, it’s quite easy to configure. So yes, you can use your MS365 accounts to authenticate in Retool.
It took me less than 30 mins to setup.
Not sure how the config for Retool Cloud would look, but with Retool self hosted, you can choose whether it is possible to use SSO together with mail/password login or solely SSO.


Just want to confirm that Cloud Enterprise organizations support SSO with Azure AD as well! If you select the Single Sign-On (SSO) option from your settings menu you should see a menu similar to the following one where you can set the necessary variables: