Edit multiple table cells at once, like excell/gSheet

We are building an app w/ a table view. Trying to figure out how to bulk apply changes to many cells in a column, like in the attached gSheet gif
any help would be appreciated


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looking for the same too

This can easily be done using the changeSetArray when bulk updating...

I can see how to update with changeSet, but how can a user select n number of cells and paste the same value into each, before saving, like in the gif?

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I don't believe that is possible at the moment - but I don't understand the use case.

our table is updated internally and the data then feeds to our users.
there are times internally where we may need to update a couple hundred cells to match each other

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But why copy it? Just use the changeSetArray and update the table and then send it? Sorry maybe I don’t understand the use case and your procedure enough.

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And there’s any option to remove that blue icon after update?

I do not think so

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Thank you

Thanks, I do not understand how using the change set solves this issue as outlined in the original question. I need to select a number of cells and change them all with 1 command, like in the gif

Yes, and as noted I do not believe this is possible...

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We have a few feature requests for this functionality. I'll reach out here if we move forward with adding this feature :blush:

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new Table component have a row selection mode: multiple, maybe that works for you

Hi Tess,
Is there any news on this? Our team also needs the possibility to bulk apply changes to many cells in a column. This is the crucial functionality for us.
Do you possibly know when Retool is planning to add this feature? Thanks

Hi @Nataliia_Ostrova Thanks for checking in! We're tracking requests for this feature - so I'll add your +1 internally - but I don't see this on our immediate roadmap. It's hard to say when our team will pick this up, but if I get any updates I'll share them here.