Is it possible to select, copy and paste range like Excel?

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I'm new to Retool and trying to make an Excel- or Google Sheet-like table which allows to select, copy and paste range. How can I do that or is the feature not provided?

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Hi @Takuya_HARA, Thanks for reaching out! The current Retool table definitely behaves a bit differently than Excel/Sheets :confused:

We have feature requests for bulk editing cells (similar to Excel), allowing pasting into the Retool table, and selecting multiple cells in a table (and accessing their values).

I can reach out if we're able to ship these requests :blush:

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Depending on how your data is formatted, you could allow the user to paste in excel data into a text area component, then run a JS script that parses the tab delimitated data and converts it into JSON, then run a query to insert that data into your database or wherever you store it, and then refresh your table.

let lines = textArea1.value.split('\n');
let header = lines[0].split('\t');

let jsonData = [];
for (let i = 1; i < lines.length; i++) {
    let row_data = lines[i].split('\t');
    let json_obj = {};
    for (let j=0; j<header.length; j++) {
        json_obj[header[j]] = row_data[j];

return JSON.stringify(jsonData, null, 4);

This is what the results of that would look like.

Given excel data like this
CleanShot 2023-07-28 at 15.22.55@2x

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Thanks so much for sharing!

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Yes, I am look forward to this behave too. I know something like this( allows to select, copy and paste range.) has complete in MUI-X.

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+1 for this feature i got a client who wants the copy paste feature in table component to edit in bulk like excel

+1 here as well! We are modernizing systems that are currently being done in Google Sheets and the admins using them are having issues not being able to copy and paste cells.

Any update on if this is on the roadmap?

Thanks for chiming in! Unfortunately, it's not on our roadmap yet :disappointed: