EC2 hangs after a few hours

Trying to test and evaluate this platform:
It works and I can see the panels. But after a few hours, the EC2 instance becomes inaccessible and the instance cannot be reached via ssh. Using the latest version.
Any ideas?
Using the default t2.medium sizing

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After update to latest version (2.113.6) we have the problem!
Also "t2.medium"

Hey folks!

It's recommended to use at least a t3.medium instance to host Retool, it may be that by upgrading you've outgrown t2.medium causing the instance to hang. There are docs on resizing your instance here, can you let me know if that works?

@jaybrent11 We have just updated the instance to t3.medium. Will keep you posted.

Hi @Kabirdas, it seems like t3.medium is not working either. We are getting a failed status check that we see through the AWS Console.

:thinking: would you mind sharing your system logs? There's documentation here on how to retrieve them, if you rather not share them here you can also feel free to DM me

Edit: The eng team has isolated the problem and will soon be pushing a fix with new builds for 2.113 and 2.115

Edit 2: The new fixed builds, 2.113.11 and 2.115.3, have been pushed!

Hey folks! Just want to give an update here, it looks like there's a more general issue of crashes happening on versions above 2.113.3 that's being investigated - for the moment you can try downgrading to that version if you're having issues.

The process for downgrading is identical to the process for upgrading you'll just be specifying a lower version number. Downgrading typically isn't recommended as there can be issues with database migrations but it should be safe in this case. However, we still recommend creating a backup of your database as mentioned in the upgrade guide.

Folks using Workflows should downgrade to 2.111 as there was a Workflows-specific issue in 2.113.3 that has since been fixed.