Dynamic Value Display Issue with Grid View in Side Panel

According to the documentation, when utilizing the grid view component, it is possible to trigger the opening of a side panel and display additional data related to the clicked item. In line with this functionality, I designed my interface accordingly. However, when I attempted to incorporate a text component within the side panel and dynamically display data related to the clicked item in the value section, I encountered an error persistently.

The approach I used was to write the expression as follows: {{item.name}}. However, upon execution, the system returned a ReferenceError: item is not defined. I am puzzled as to why this method works within the grid view component but fails within the side panel. Could you please provide insight into why this discrepancy exists and what adjustments I should make to resolve this issue?

Hi @Andrew_Chen, welcome to the forum! :wave:

The value of "{{ item }}" within an iteration would reference the object from the current iteration, which work if you are looking at a container inside of a List View component. However, outside of it, within the scope of the side panel, you do not have access to what is being clicked on the List View.

Here is an example of achieving this functionality with localStorage. @Kabirdas uploaded a JSON file you can use to create an app with and get familiarized with the approach.