Dropdown in JSONSchemaForm

Is there an option for a dropdown in the JSON Schema form? It doesn't appear so based on their documentation, but wanted to verify.

They appear to have a single select array type, though all the values are listed in the page not folded in a drop down

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Check these out. Maybe that's what your looking for.

Live Playground

I did have some issues with ui:props


That works. Not sure how I missed that, I was looking at that page :thinking:. Thank you for pointing this out.

I am not sure why they don't combine the schema and ui schema. I am sure there is a reason, but when dynamically building these structures the separate json is a bit of a pain.

Jumping on this, using enum and enumNames to create a lit works great. The only problem I have is when you’re starting to type in the field. I guess it’s looking for the enum and not enumNames. Any idea how to make this work?