Dragging components in IDE Very Slow


We just updated our self-hosted instance to version 3.12.4 from 2.10, and overall there is a big performance boost. However, occasionaly the IDE becomes unbearably slow, particularly when dragging components. The lag is usually several seconds for a single drag. I've experienced this issue when editing from multiple machines. Is this an issue other people have experienced?


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hey @sshersh - especially if this is only happening in one app, could you please share a sample app export if possible? That will help us see what you're seeing and get further down the troubleshooting road :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi kbn,

Thanks for your response.
Please see the app json attached. Actually the issue hasn't been as severe the last few days. But it would be good to know if there's anything I could change in either the app or the backend so make it more responsive in the future.

mrp (2).json (675.4 KB)

Hi @sshersh - Our engineering team recently made a fix for some performance problems dragging items onto the canvas so I'm glad to hear you're seeing the effects of this on your end! We do have some best practices listed here that I hope you find useful! If you're still seeing specific issues with the performance of your app, please do let us know!

@sshersh your api key for apitemplate.io is exposed in that json, might want to create a new one.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for letting me know, I will make a new one.