Documentation on table filter operators

I cannot find the operators supported when setting the filters on a table.

The component documentation states

The filter(s) applied to the table, formatted as an array of objects, one per filter. Each filter object contains a columnName, operator (isNotEmpty, greaterThan, etc.), and a filterValue (empty if not provided)

Etc. isn't helpful here. The intro document to working with tables states

You can choose any column in your table's data and filter through operators like contains, equals and others. You can also add multiple filters using and or or logic. For more details about using tables and filters, check out the table reference here.

Which references Table component documentation.

Please add the names of the supported operators to the component reference. It's not discoverable.



I answer a bit late but I found a way to retrieve operators values.

  • set a filter "by hand" (with the operation you want to perform) on your table
  • have a look in the left panel / state tab on yourTableName.filters property

Thanks, @Gaerdy!