Handling boolean filters in tables

Hi all,
I'm struggling to understand how to properly filter boolean column types in tables, I find it to be quite confusing.

When I am going to set a table filter, what operator and what value should I use? contains, equals? What is the value "true" (string) or true boolean? What about false values? Again - documentation about table filters is quite lacking in the current component library (see previous conversation about this topic)

How do I handle this situation when I've also renamed the column (done a manual mapping?). For example - the data populating the table contains a key isEditable but I've renamed the column in the table editor to "Is Editable" to make this human friendly. Which value would I use in the table filter?

It seems that choosing the "boolean" type for a column in a table also allows me to set something for false values ("-", "Empty" or "X"). Are those literal values that I would have to filter against?

Lastly - how would I filter a table on loading? Am I able to persist a default set of filters for a table? It appears to me the only way to accomplish this is by setting an initial state in the application OR by adding a "success" action when the data loads from the query.

Hey @JadedEvan!

The devs are looking to make improvements to how you can filter for booleans as part of some larger upgrades to the table component. For now, though, you might find most success with the contains operator and treating the values as strings:

If setting the filters dynamically, the column name should also be the underlying column name, as opposed to the mapped name. This differs a bit from the filter UI:

Hopefully that helps!