Table Filter tooltip and operators table

Hi Retool team,

What happened to the tooltip for Filters in event handlers for controlling table? I think I've familiarised myself with the syntax of it but still good to have that tool tip there.
Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 4.02.16 pm

What I'm struggling though is probably the operators and accepted values for each. I've been scurrying over your docs and can't seem to find your filter operators table. I used to find it in this link. By struggling, I mean there's a few trial&error happening before I can move on from that particular task. Can we have that filter operators table back?

Hey @jocen!

Thanks for surfacing this, I've brought both the tooltip and docs issue up with the team. Is there a particular way you're trying to use filters at the moment that I might be able to help with?

Hi @Kabirdas, thanks for replying. Not really at the moment, I was able to figure it out but that took me some time to figure out. This is for ease of life in working with filters.

Got it, alright. We'll let you know here when the information is added!

Just a +1 on this topic. There's not good documentation available about the table filter syntax. In a different post (Setting filter user component inputs don't change the data table) we were also linked to this now non-existent documentation.

Is it possible to get this information added to the new component library for table?

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