Display Dynamic Image from Uploaded Retool Storage

I am a digital marketing manager and I'm building myself a tool to review marketing emails for me.

I've managed to get the AI function to work, but only using a pre-populated image URL.

I have added a file upload tool and also gotten this to upload to the retool storage database successfully. However, I cannot reference this file within the query I am creating.

I have also tried to dynamically display the image that has been uploaded, but cannot get this to work either. I also tried loading the storage as a table then referencing the selectedRow but this did not work.

I assume both the query and display of the image would use the exact same {{reference}} so this solution would apply and fix both issues.

Could you assist with this?

4aaea56c-4e66-11ee-b6d4-4b2a9e4f5df3 - design reviewer tab.

Many thanks


Hi @nathangrooms Thanks for reaching out.

I'm not able to access your app, but if you can share screenshots, I'm happy to take a look.

From my understanding of your use case, it would look something like these examples:

  1. Upload an image via Retool Storage query ->dynamically return the id from the upload query in an image component (keep in mind that if you reload the page, the upload query will be cleared and you'll no longer have the id of the most recently uploaded image)

2. Query the images from Retool Storage & dynamically show them in an image component based on the selected row: