Viewing images uploaded using 'RMImagePickerWidget' Mobile - Previewed in web app

Hi All

New to retool, basic understanding, and need some help!

I am creating a mobile app that lets the user insert some information into a inspection form. It then imports that data to the default Retool Database (PostgreSQL) as a table.

One of the components on the form is the RMImagePickerWidget - allows the user to take and upload photos in real time.

My goal is to create a web app that allows users to produce reports and view the inspection forms. I am having trouble getting these images to preview on the web app.

How do I make that connection? How do I get the images uploaded to the mobile app to be shown on the web app? Any general advice for Image uploads?

Once again, I am new to this so any guidance is helpful.

Thanks a bunch.


Hello, the updated image should be parsed to base64 and save to Postgres, and then read it web app with query. then set the src of img component to base64 in data URI schema.

I think you should read the docs of upload file and parse file(use utils tool)

Here are a demo



for anyone wondering, I created a JS query that ran as a trigger event:


The query made was this:

const base64 = await utils.getDataByObjectURL(AttachEvidence.value[0]);
return base64

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Thanks so much, @Jake_Hamilton!