Disable enum in JsonSchemaForm


I'm trying to disable items for drop down component created using JsonSchemaForm. I have tried using following property, but it didn't work.

  1. items['enumDisabled'] = [<<enum_to_disable>>];
  2. items['ui:enumDisabled'] = [<<enum_to_disable>>];

Here is sample property that is being generated,

* title:"title"
* type:"string"
enum:[] 2 items
  * 0:"0"
  * 1:"1"
enumNames:[] 2 items
  * 0:"No"
  * 1:"Yes"
enumDisabled:[] 1 item
  * 0:"0"

Can anyone please help me with this?
Thank you

Hey @Henil!

I think you're on the right track - the following seems to work with some testing

JSON Schema:

  type: "object",
  properties: {
    exampleField: {
      type: "string",
      enum: ["one", "two", "three"],

UI Schema:

  exampleField: {
    "ui:enumDisabled": ["two"],

You can also target it with some CSS to change its color:

  color: #ddd;

That gives the following:

Would you mind sharing the exact JSON Schema and UI Schema you're using?