Different features on different accounts with the same version number

I just noticed on one of my accounts that the new table keyboard navigation feature was live.

However, when I went to test it on another client's account, it was still the old functionality. Totally fine, I know you guys sometimes roll these things out over a week or so and they may get it any day now.

But, I checked the version numbers and both are 2.88.3.

Is the functionality not tied to the visible version number, do I have and they have Seems like a big change that should get a bump to 2.88.4.

Or is it another reason? Not a big thing, just curious how this works.

Hey @bradlymathews
´╗┐Features like this are generally released via feature flags (and rolled out to on a percentage basis) and not tied to a specific release version (although most cloud accounts should be on the same version). I took a look at the feature flag that should be controlling this and it looks like it should be rolled out to 100% of orgs. If you refresh, or create a new table do you still not see the new behavior?

Hmmm... It is still the old row based selection for all of the apps for this client.

I see :thinking: it looks like there may be an upgrade path for the new table behavior. If you create a new table does it also not allow for the same keyboard navigation?

Ah, that's it! I had to upgrade the table and the new features popped in.

Awesome! :slight_smile: