Deleting component deceiving/unknown reference

I'm not sure if this should be a bug post or feature request, but as I was deleting stuff I added to test things I noticed there were cases where the reference location was wrong or it at least visually looked like it. below is an example. just the thought of dangling references give me nightmares and the message suggests if we don't manually delete the reference it could still linger around like a ghost. since this is all handled in the background where we can't debug the memory I either have to follow the message and painstakingly go through auto generated stuff to delete references or roll the dice and hope js and/or retool garbage collection is on top of its game.... to be honest, i've been going with the later and praying to the js gods but as I add and remove random components just to test something out, usually to answer a forum question, i'm starting to wonder if i'm creating a problem where the cause is hidden from me until something explodes


here are the properties, there are no events listed.

I finally found the events it's talking about, but they aren't exactly at the location specified. I had to go into the header to delete the header button event handlers then do the same for the Copy action. so while the pop-up says, visually for us it's more at and the chat2 object does have an events array, which I think this pop-up is referring to, but if this object had like a visual_path property the pop-up could display much more specific locations for references. another option would be to "bubble up" the events from children to the parent like
now if the pop-up in the 1st image says I can look at that location and see that it does indeed still have events in it.

I'm abysmal when it comes to UX/UI so sorry for the sad mspaint example (unless you're laughing, then you're welcome :joy:)

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Hi @bobthebear, thank you for your feedback! I added it to an existing internal report on cleaning up orphan event handlers and components.

Until this issue is fixed, we have to manually remove the following:

For the "Actions" and "Header Add-ons," we could just remove the event handlers, but its easier to just remove the whole setting by clicking the "x" that shows up when we hover over them.

In addition to removing the "Query to trigger," we need to also delete the query that gets automatically created when the Chat component is added to the canvas.

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