Remove events from the code

I built an app that lists records from a BigQuery table. It works fine, but when I inspect its state I see 5 events, two of them referencing query1. I cannot figure out how to remove those events — Columns, Actions, Add-ons, Event handlers… those events are nowhere to be found in the UI, I can only see them when debugging and when I export the app into JSON.

When I try to delete query1 I get the following warning:

query1 is referenced in 1 place. Are you sure you want to delete it?
You will need to manually delete the following JavaScript expression reference:

I would love to "manually delete the following JavaScript expression reference" from, but I have no idea how/where???

This is extremely frustrating, please advise!

Hi @bugsbunny338 This looks like a bug :disappointed: Thanks for reporting it! I see that the clickAction event types are associated with the Action section specifically. Deleting the action doesn't seem to clear the event from the .events property on the table.

Currently, it looks like the event only gets cleared if you delete the event from the action before deleting the action. Of course, if you've already deleted the action there isnt much you can do :disappointed: It's the same issue if you delete a column that had an event. I'll post back here when we fix this bug!

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Having this issue too and it's quite annoying that it still haven't been solved :frowning: