Debug window auto-scroll bug?

If you click and drag the debug window so it partially goes bellow the bottom of the window it will auto scroll ALL the way to the top. it can get rather annoying if I just need to to see what's behind the window and I move my mouse a little to far down while dragging it

Hello @bobthebear hope you had a good weekend!

I was trying to reproduce this behavior and was not having any luck. Could you share a screen recording of this happening?

Also to clarify, when the debug window has enough lines within in it to be able to scroll down, and then debug window is then moved to the bottom of the browser window that the app is on, the debug window scrolls up to its first top line, correct?

It is scroll when something else is then clicked or does the scroll trigger upon repositioning where it is cut off? Thanks!

you'll notice I had a bit of trouble getting it trigger at first, but then it would happen a lot. at one point you'll see it only scrolled half way up, this is because it stops scrolling when the mouse button is released.


it triggers upon repositioning

edit: i sent a DM with the link to the video

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Ty for the reply. Just watched the video, very odd that it didn't happen at first and then started happening every single time.

What browser were you using to edit the app, also what version of retool? I can log this as a bug to our eng team and see if they have any more questions to follow up and get more details!

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Chrome: Version 125.0.6422.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Retool Version: Cloud-Hosted(?)

since it's cloud hosted I doubt this would be useful, but I'm no engineer :laughing::

  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit (Build 19045)
  • happens in windowed and fullscreen on 2 diff computers (same browser)
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Haha doesn't hurt to check :sweat_smile:

You are definitely an engineer in my book. Just sent this over to our eng team to see if they can reproduce and get to the bottom (not the top) of this scrolling.

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