Database UI on custom database

I have an existing Postgres DB and would like to use the Retool Database UI on top of the database for data management. Is this possible? What are the options available here without creating a complete custom UI?

Hello, you can use template of retool. not need to build a new brand one from scratch.

Here is link

Hi @brycehemme,

Thanks for reaching out about this! It doesn't sound like this is currently on our roadmap, but I'll make a feature request for it internally! In the meantime, as Anson mentions, you could create a Retool app to manage your data. That likely has some limitations as far as modifying database settings, and it certainly requires a lot more time spent writing queries! :confused: Alternatively, you may be able to dump your current data into RetoolDB.

I'll follow up here if I hear any news about this getting added to the roadmap!