Data Sources returning error

I'm noticing strange errors that started occurring today in Retool. My data sources are no longer able to query correctly, and instead, I'm getting strange 400 HTTP errors.

I have verified the objects exist and that they contain the expected content.

When I tested the connection to GCP using the Retool test connection, it reported everything is correct, so I don't think it's my credentials. I also verified my GCP service account is active and that they keys are not disabled.

Ultimately, this is the error I am encountering in the queries

message:"Data source number 0 in undefined"

I think the error is because bas64 values are returned when JSON is expected. This behavior started today.

Update: The errors just magically went away. My guess is Retool realized the error and addressed it. It would have been nice if this was communicated instead occupying our time chasing down identifying potential issues :face_exhaling:

Hey there @mrspanishviking!

I'm not seeing a set of releases that matches your described timeline from the Retool side of things so it could be that this issue was caused by something else :thinking:

Glad it has gone away for now but if it pops up again could you report back here so we can help investigate?

Thanks for getting back @Kabirdas. We're glad it went away too, but we have the screenshots proving the event occurred, so we know we're not imagining things :sweat_smile:

Edit: Added an additional screenshot to the original comment.

It looks like I actually misspoke here! Sorry :sweat: your post alerted our engineers before I saw it and they hotfixed an issue in our backend, I had just missed it. Thanks for catching and reporting the bug!

For additional context as they investigate the root cause - would you mind sharing the action you were performing with your GCS resource? Also, what was the contentType of the file?

@Kabirdas Sure, the content type is application/json and the action was "Download File". Hopefully that's what you're after :smile:

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Yep! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: