Currency Input Type in Text Input not working as expected

I have a Price field which is a decimal(10,2) data type in SQL Sever.

In my table I have the column type set to USD (dollars) and the data displays as expected ($8.00 or $1.50)

However when I set a Text Input type to currency and Currency type to $ USD the data is displayed as cents, e.g., $0.08 instead of $8.00 and $0.02 instead of $1.50.

Hey Bradley!The table component column type has both USD (dollars) and USD (cents) types, but the textinput component has only a single “currency” input type which always takes inputs as cents.

As a first step, I think we should clean up the copy around this to make the behavior more clear, for example having the Currency Type dropdown display $ USD (cents). After that we should add in another type as dollars, but thats a little trickier to be certain we don’t disrupt any current use cases. Many financial services/apis like Stripe will return values exclusively as cents to be more precise.

I’ll add reference this post in the bug report for updates!

Alex, Got it, Thx. I’ll change to text type and use a float validator in the mean time.