Currency input is super annoying - should clear default on focus

The currency input starts off with $0.00.

Screen Shot 2023-04-07 at 1.24.00 PM

If I click into it, to enter, say $123, the 0.00 doesnt go away, so I end up with "0.00123" or "1230.00".

You're making me click, drag select, backspace, just to use it.
We need our users to enter dozens and dozens of these in a session so the usablity adds up to an annoying experience.

Ideally, clicking into it, should clear out the input if the input is already at the default.

NONE OF THESE WORK, Is there another workaround?

// on focus event
if(self.value==0) self.setValue(null);
if(self.value==0) self.setValue("");

Hey @Tim_H!

Have you tried turning "Allow null value" on in the component settings and then using the .clearValue() method?

thank you! that works.