Bug: input validation (min/max) for currency field fails if number is larger than 999

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a currency input field
  • Set input validation as max 1000
  • Set input value as 1001
  • See it pass (or validation to fail)
  • Works with numbers below 1000, so may be related to comma separation or the like

Also, it’s a big mess with the values and validation, since for some odd reason, currency field expects values in cents, but validation in dollars.

Hey @lauri, thanks for reporting this. I’ve been able to reproduce this on my end, and we’ll work on getting it fixed. One thing you can try for now: you can toggle “Major currency unit only” to get rid of cents, and then the validation works on my end.

Thanks! I need the cents though, so unfortunately not a fix.

Might need to go the custom component route for the time being, only wish there was an easier way to create reusable custom components. Enabling dynamic definition of Iframe code would be a quick fix within an application, but maybe something more like the Query Editor long term.

A big and easy win would be instead of having a constrained currency field, having a formatted, comma separated number field where you can assign decimal points (0 to infinity) and a prefix dynamically (which can be a currency or something else). Much more generally usable than a field with hardcoded currency values.

It doesn’t work even so, unfortunately.

A fix for this bug has shipped, the max validation should be working properly now!

Thanks @alex-w!