CRON Jobs/Scheduled Queries

I have created a tool and now I would want to know how to run this tool in the background or in the backend every day. Something like a cron job that keeps running even when the web browser is not on.

Hi @shrirambhat! Unfortunately we don’t support any scheduled queries, at the moment Retool apps run as web applications that can run queries while they are open in the user’s browser. It’s a common feature request though, so I’m going to move this over to that category and clarify the title.


I’m thinking if we can use Javascript to periodically run something? We just need to make sure that we have the browser open all the time. Thanks!

There is an option under queries which are set to run “When inputs change” to trigger the query periodically under the Advanced section of the query editor! Justin talks about that a bit here: How do I schedule my queries to run every hour or day?

+1 on this idea!

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Hi, community! For anyone who is following this thread, we are fast approaching our early access program for this feature.

While I believe I reached out to everyone who has commented at this time, if you're interested in participating (or even just chatting with our engineers and seeing a demo), feel free to message me here or reach out via email at Thank you all for your continued engagement!


Hello Kiersten, I'd be very interested in participating on this feature's early access. How can I join? Thanks, MA

Hi Manuel – thanks for your interest! Just followed up with you via DM.

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Hi Kiersten, I am interested in this feature as well. Appreciate early access! Thanks. Stefan