Automate cron jobs, notifications, alerts, and ETL tasks with Retool Workflows

Hi everyone, we're excited to share that Retool Workflows is now in public beta.

Retool is great for building internal tools that need UI, but we regularly hear from customers that many of their business processes need automation, not a UI: tasks like notifications and alerts, ETL, and more. So we’ve set out to bring the speed and ease of Retool to this new class of custom internal software: automated workflows.

With Retool Workflows, you can:

:spiral_calendar: Define your trigger: Identify how you want your workflow to run—we support either a cron schedule or triggering with a webhook.

:zap: Pull in your data: Retool Workflows integrates with any database or API. Just grab a block, query your resources (APIs, databases, etc.), and immediately preview the data your workflow will use.

:hammer_and_wrench: Write your logic: Chain together blocks to form sequences of actions. Write code to transform and join data, import libraries (like MomentJS), and write complex conditionals for complete control of your workflow logic. Or, use our pre-built logic blocks, like Loop, Branch, and Filter, to cut down on boilerplate for common code logic.

:checkered_flag: Run your process: Deploy your workflow to begin sending notifications, transforming data, escalating incidents, assigning tasks, and more. If you can write it in JavaScript, you can run it on Workflows.

Thank you to the members of this group whose early feedback has helped shape this product! If you deploy Retool in the cloud, you can start building by heading to the Retool Workflows tab on your Retool homepage. Read our docs to learn more, and feel free to share what you've built here so others can see what you're building!

If you have questions, please share them here or shoot me an email (!

Hey there @alina.retool . Looking forward to utilizing Workflows. I'm curious if there is a way to query a database and save the results as a csv then utilize the SMTP to attach the csv and send out.

Was this ever resolved for you? I'm actually looking into that myself right now.

JavaScript libraries were actually just recently added to Workflows! This means you can use something like Papa Parse to convert your data into a CSV before sending it along with an SMTP query. Does that sound like it could work for you?