Create Crud screen from Database

  • Goal: I have an existing MySQL connection. I want to rapidly create a crud "app" or standalone screen for a table already existing. From there I can make the changes I want to make custom functionality

  • Details: Is it possible to speedily create a standlone CRUD screen like how I used to seen on retool youtube channel ?

I used to be able to do thiseasily, but now it seems like things have either moved around a bit.

Hi @Toka_Lebenya, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Our product has grown and changed over time. Although we do not support the "Generate an app from data" feature, we can still build an app in a few minutes.

For users looking into a plug and play add rows to table implementation, now we have Standalone forms, which can be built in much faster than 6 minutes. :racing_car::dash:

However, for an app that supports full CRUD, now it does take a few more minutes. Here is a tutorial on how to build this:

  1. Connect your data to a Table component:
    Web app tutorial: Assemble the UI | Retool Docs

  2. Create the forms:
    Build and generate input forms | Retool Docs

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