Build database from app?

Hello, new to Retool - exploring this as a possible database entry solution for my org.

I've been building in Retool since the end of last week and have created some great visuals with the app building module - very well fleshed out and easy to use. While I understand this is a form, I'd like to use this to create a database in the background for submissions. My reading of the Retool docs shows where you can create a form from a database, but is there some setup I'm missing that can create a database from the form? I can create a CSV to make a database and then recreate the form but would rather use to the more stylistic setup of my app and not redo the work if possible.

Thank you!

Hi @MarkJ , Thank you for the question!

There isn't a way in Retool Database to quickly generate a table schema based on a form that you've already made.

Once you have a table somewhere, generating the form is easy.

As Retool's design roadmap rolls out this year you'll see more ways to set a standard design for some components, and ways to share components within a library so that you don't feel like you're recreating the Form the way you want every time.

Stay tuned!

Dan K
Retool TAM

Hi @MarkJ , There's a new feature called Retool Forms that does have an automatic Table creation. When you create a Retool Form from scratch:

Then after you publish it, a table gets created in your Retool DB that matches your form.

This is a standalone form. This is not creating a database table from a form you made inside the App builder.

Thank you sir! I'll give that a try, sounds like a useful module!