Copy Code from one app to another


I can copy components from one app to another but this doesn't seem to work for copying Code from one app to another.


Is it possible?

You could duplicate the app and then remove what you dont want or you can copy the code (assuming a query) from one app in one browser tab to another app in another browser tab

Most of the code I'm trying to copy is using GUI Mode and has lots of key value pairs (of course).

Duplicating the app is a good idea and I'll use it for something else though.


@yourbudweiser could leveraging the query library in your Retool org help here? It's meant to be one way to write a query once, and then re-use it in a bunch of places/different apps.

Can still log the feedback for our eng + product team to know that folks would like to have a smoother way to copy code from one app to another :+1:

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