Containers randomly exit

I did not configure or install this implementation, i have been asked by a friend to look into it. This is the first time looking at it so i apologies for lack of information at this point.

the instance is running on an EC2 instance, between 1-2 times a day one of the containers exits which causes a 502. the current solution is to re-run the docker-compose command.

I have looked through the logs of the docker containers, there are a lot to scroll through. the only thing i can see that jumps out as some sort of possible reason for it crashing is:

{"source":"JOBS_RUNNER","level":"info","message":"Git syncing and Source Control are not available on SSOP plans, so exiting job","pid":23,"timestamp":"2023-04-17T10:54:25.650Z"}

this is found in the container "retoolonpremise_jobs-runner"

has anyone seen this sort of issue before or have any suggestions on how to debug it.

I have monitored memory and CPU usage and although its resource usage is high there is consistently 500MB of free memory and it does not seem to fluctuate much over observing for an hour.


Hey @Jay1! Happy to help here.

What version of Retool are you on and what plan level are you on?

The version should be in your Dockerfile or in the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen. A menu should pop up which will show your Retool version number:

For your plan level, you should be able to visit to check!