Connection between retool numbers and google sheets

Currently I'm using google sheets as my database (Resource) for my retool app. As you may know google sheets uses the comma as a decimal separator. When I try to write a number in a numberInput with a comma it won't let me and I don't have any way around it because that's how google sheets establishes their decimals. Because of this I'm not able to do any operation (sums/subtractions) with decimals. I Hope they can fix/implement this.
I tried contacting retool support chat and they told me that it isn't a supported functionality, because of that I'm reporting it as a feature request.
Thank you.

Hey TomerK,

This might be up to your local/operating system setting. I've tried testing this out and had no issue passing values back to sheets as both Sheets/Retool uses (.) instead of (,) on my end.
As an example of this I'll attach a screenshot.


Hey Stefancvrkotic,

Passing values does work but what doesn't is doing operations (Sums, subtractions) with those values because retool uses the comma to represent the thousands in a number and Google Sheets uses the comma to represent the decimals in a number. The problem is that I'm not able to write a number with a comma in retool for it to work as decimals.

Hey again!

Could you please elaborate with an example on how it looks on your end (where you are trying to do operations).

The numberInput field has a thousands separator enabled and the number will be displayed with commas, but value passed will be a number without them.