Issue with display decimal and negative numbers

issue here: when i run the query it recognizes my decimal/negative numbers

In the source file (google sheets) i use . as decimal separator and formatted the column as number (standard). i have changed my regionnal parameters to use the point as decimal separator.

Those decimal and/or negative numbers are dispayed in tag format, with no symbol . , -
when i set the retool column format to Number and set decimal places + pad decimal, it only displays 0,00

something weird: i use a form to enter prices in this table; the currency field uses , as decimal separator, then the price is added the row with a , . In my updated google sheet table source, the new prices are displayed with a point (so if i don't change my regional parameters, i cannot use them in calculations and formulas).

I am confused, thank you for your help......

the problem... this auto mapping, i delete this and it works

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