Comma as number separator

A request to be able to change the decimal separator to a comma and thousands separator to a dot. This should be set per organisation or should follow the browser localization settings.

In Europe (and a lot of other countries) this causes confusion when entering/reading numbers.
I know this can be modified using textfields/inputs and JS, but this is way too much work and should be simpler.


I agree.

My workaround is this:
{{ item.toLocaleString("nl-BE") }}

But that the number is a string..



@PatrickMast, yes there are a couple of workarounds and these work fine for simple displaying of data. In a table this will cause issues if you want to sort data or filter between values.

@mbruijnpff, that is correct. Thats why I agreed to have a the ability to change the decimal separator to a comma and thousands separator to a dot. We need that!



Thanks for the feedback! We're currently tracking requests for localization - and for org level component settings - and I will share any updates here.

Thank you @Tess! Localization is important.

For example, i have this open issue:


Any update on this? I’m planning on building a calculation app and it requires a lot of numeric fields with decimals. Not being able to use the num pad when using another OS/browser language than english is pretty annoying. I don’t want to work with text field and convert everything using js.

Now when you’re using for example Dutch OS language, when you press the decimal key on the numpad, it would try to enter a comma as a decimal, but the numeric field won’t except the comma and 10 euro and 50 cents (10,50) would be entered as 1050 euros.

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Hi @mbruijnpff, Unfortunately, no updates yet :disappointed: It's a project that is going to require a lot of resources to tackle, so while it's something we certainly want to support, it'll be a longer term request

Hi all,
I was also puzzled by this and started investigating even thinking about building custom components but the feature actually works.

It just depends on your browser preferred language.

Yes, correct, I know that we can change that, but I don't want to change it. Our users in Europe might have Dutch, German or Polish as the default language and to make the numpad work properly, I'd need to change their default to English. But this would change the complete behavior of the browser.
I just need the input field to accept either a dot or a comma as a decimal separator depending on what language has been set.

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Maybe also plan to simply remove the thousand separator as it would solve it for everyone :slight_smile:

I believe that the solutions is almost the same Retool team used for time and date format where we can, for example, select hh:mm for time format or dd/mm/Y for date. For numbers, we could just select, for example, #.###,## or 0#,###.## for number format.

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It is very critical for us in Europe. It really hurts the acceptance of retool.

If you are working on company level settings, please include as well the standard Currency Setting "USD" to be changes.