Connecting VScode removed the contents of most of my queries

After enabling integration of VScode and successful connection I closed the session to come back the next day to every query in my project being wiped clean.

Names are still there but the content inside the queries is missing. So as in vscode when I connect.

I'm in a little bit of a panic here as it's 6 months of work with no backup.

Any idea what needs to be done to get it back?

Try using the history feature on the bottom right of your app (b/w debug and ?) and you should be able to restore from an older version

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 11.48.16 AM

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 11.49.15 AM

Also the _historyOffset URL param can generally help revert changes

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I went through 20 pages of history.
There is no item related to vscode integration I can undo.

tried _historyOffset all the way up to 1000
names of the functions are there but every single one that's not made in GUI mode is blank.

This has to be some sort of a bug. I can't loose all my work to this.

Have you disabled the beta/extension functionality? We store every save to the DB, so we should be able to get everything back. What's the app UUID from the address bar?

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I have disabled VScode beta integration. No results.

Just emailed you a backup of the app from yesterday that includes all the query contents, I'll follow up with the owning team on what may have gone wrong in your case. Don't think we've had other reports of that yet!


Siiiiick. Thank you.
What happened? And how can I prevent it from happening again?

You probably used the account's email I might have trouble finding access to.
Can you cc the email I originally email support from? I'll follow up with a DM with it.

No prob! And not sure yet with it being the first time we've heard about it, but I'll document that to have the team look into it. Feel free to reply if you find a way for us to repro this on our side. Definitely didn't happen when I hooked it up on initial beta launch :thinking:

Got the backup. Thank you.
Really appreciate you having a backup handy.

Of course, sorry for the trouble there but we can always get back to a working state worst case! :smile:

Nothing makes one more trigger happy with versioning like cases like this. =)