Connect Retool database with Zapier/Make

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I have a question regarding the Retool Database, I am trying to connect my Google Forms to the Retool Database with Make or Zapier. For this, I need to use PostgreSQL, but I don't know where to find the data to fill in to get the connection to the database. I tried it with a Connection string, but that doesn't work. Here is a screenshot of the things I need to fill in:

Does anyone know, where I can find this data in order to make this work?
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I have the same question. Thank you for posting it.

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so the connection string just holds all the information for Host, Port, DB etc.

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 01.00.36 needs these variables individually filled out, it doesn't support connection strings.

Copy your connection string and fill out your details as follows:



User: `production`
Pasword: `xxxxxxx`
Host: ``
Port: `5432`
Database: `production`

Hope that helps :v:


Great post! But where do you set sslmode when connecting a Retool DB to make?

This post was helpful for taking the connection string Retool provides and extracting the host, user, password etc. as demonstrated above, but my Retool connection string also has with it "?sslmode=require" at the end.

When I simply leave it out, Make explicitly tells me the connection is insecure and I need to add 'sslmode=require' (so it seems like it works but it does not actually connect to the DB).

Where I am struggling is finding where to add it. Like in the example above, there is no field available for setting sslmode, and it does not work if you add it to the host, database, or user fields.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Has anyone manage to solve this? Facing the same issue with dealing with SSL when connecting to Zapier as well.


Hey @Shiva! Neon, the provider we use for RetoolDB has a workaround for that error in their docs here. It's also in the link they share with that error in Zapier.

Essentially passing the endpoint along with the password in the password field like this:

The Zapier connection also has a dropdown to enforce encryption, but say it's a deprecated field for any connection created after NOV, 15 2023. Regardless, leaving it at True and passing the endpoint ID along with the password will allow you to connect.

@Raja_Rajcic I couldn't find any docs from Make on how to enforce ssl connections to the postgres db. You'll likely need to reach out to them to see how / if this is possible.

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Thanks @joeBumbaca. Did not notice that in the error message. Works for me!

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