Conditional text inputs

I got the following use case

i have a table, when i click on the view icon it saves all selected data into hash url params and go to another app

and should show the data for the selected client, that works good. But, when im on app#2 i have a button Reset filter that should reset all text input (that works) and set a hidden table a query like query#2 in postgresql and then the text inputs should look up instead of {{table1 from should look up in {{ for example, is that possible with retool?

thank you

i tried this


but that code doesnt accept {{ wraps :frowning: , any alternative?

Dont use the {{ or the single quote as it's already in JS format

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Si tu tabla esta en la misma aplicacion puedes referenciarla sin los {{ }}




Muchísimas gracias por compartir la solución, @Skizhu ! And thanks @ScottR for chiming in to help narrow down the problem as well.

Glad you asked about this @agaitan026 --

For others who may read this, I'll also share a link to our related Retool Tips and Tricks post about When to use double curly brackets {{ }} that we just recently published!

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