Components disappeared from modal

Hi All,

All objects in modals have disappeared from all of ours apps.

If I revert to the current version in edit mode the component appears. I republish that and go in to normal mode and it’s gone again.

Any releases or changes in the last 24 hours at all at your end?



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Having the exact same issue!!! Rollback! I just spent the entire morning trying to remake some modals only to have them disappear again immediately. This is happening on modals that pop from a table column. My app is pretty much completely broken without this…

@support? Hoping someone is looking at this? Sorry to bug, but it’s causing some serious outage on our side…

Hey @gilcrest - we are aware of the issue and are working on pushing a fix right now!

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Hi @justin,

Can you confirm whether we will need to revert anything or whether our content is there, just hidden?



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We’re not sure, still investigating!

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@steve @gilcrest this should be fixed now. You’ll need to revert back to a version of your app where you see the components in the modal, and everything should work from then on. Sorry for the inconvenience :confused:

Thanks @justin

Other issues now. Database queries are not returning any data

Hrmmm… I guess I better start using your releases… I have never actually used that feature. Reading it now, it does look pretty cool though, sigh…

So, I guess I need to rebuild all my modals? It seems to only apply to modals that pop from a table, is that correct? Hope so. Thanks for your help.

Also, I’m a little concerned given @steve’s note:

that you may have to make another patch or need to revert. I don’t want to have to rebuild all my modals and then have to do it again. Do you think you’re stable enough now for me to move forward?

FAO @alex-w as well I’m getting no results returned on MySQL queries

Hey Steve! We’ve deployed a fix for the MySQL issue, as it was also the cause of this issue: Previously-working queries failing with "cb is not a function"

Can you confirm if you are getting those returns now?

Hi @alex-w I get no errors and no rows returned

It’s as if the database was all of a sudden empty (it’s not)

I’m using a my-sql connection over ssh if that’s any help

That might help, I’m continuing to look into this now!

Ok @steve! That was correct, it looks like this was still affecting the subset of users who use SSH tunnels with MySQL

We just sent out a fix there and will be able to test that for your setup it should be able to be tested in the next few minutes

Looks like we’re up and running again …