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I would like to use the comment component.

It should be possible to insert it into a card and have it change based on the client I select to have comments related to that client.

Is it possible to do this? If yes, how?

Thank you

It looks like you need to set the 'Note key' field to {{}}.


Oh yes, thank you! I'm such a loser...

regarding tags to other users, is it possible to notify them?

Hey @Geool! Are you looking to notify other Retool users in the org when they've been tagged in a comment? This isn't natively possible, but if you have access to the tagged user's email address then you could set up a query / workflow to send a notification via email or slack.

Thanks for the information @joeBumbaca

Is it possible to automate the posting of messages in the comment component?

Example: I have a function that runs, and when it is successful I want to put a message in comment that is persistent to keep the history, in addition to the traditional comments written manually.

@Geool There aren't any methods available to programmatically add comments into the component unfortunately. As of right now it only accepts manually entered comments.

Thanks for the feedback @joeBumbaca .

It's a shame... Do you have any idea of a component that could do this job? To display automated messages and make them persistent and visible to the user?

There's no built in component that can do that currently. You would need a place to store the data, but could definitely set this up with a RetoolDB table. Then you could display any number of entries in a listview, text component etc.

Hi @joeBumbaca , can you explain how to do this? So that users can receive an email notification?

You would need to use Retool Email or an SMTP resource to set up email delivery. You would then run the query that send the email notification on success of whatever action in your app saves the comment.