Compare and large diff despite not making any changes

when I do a "compare changes" with the current release with my "current working version", I get message "Diffs are too large to display in Retool" despite not making any changes. I even reverted to current release and did the compare and still got "Diffs are too large to display in Retool"

This seems to indicate revert to current release does not actually reset my current working version to the current release. How do I reset my current working version to the current release?


I am getting the same problem despite not making much changes as well.

I published anyway despite not knowing what the big diff is. After doing that, compare shows no diffs. so far nothing broke so that is good

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Hi @Son_To and @Omar_Tarek It's unexpected that you'd see a large diff without ANY edits to an app. Is it possible that another user edited the working version or that a seemingly small edit led to a very large change to the app state, such as adding a very large model?

Hi all, not sure if this is related but I'm also seeing unexpected diffs. I've never noticed this before today. I had just published a release and right afterwards I clicked compare changes and to my surprise there was a diff:

I opened it again a little later after refreshing the page (still without making any changes) and updateAt still shows change and it's different than the previous comparison:

It appears that all of my components and code in my app are getting updatedAt set to the current time even though I'm not making any changes to them.


Same here

I believe it's a bug because I'm currently experiencing it with diffs that used to show me data.
For example, I'm comparing two three-month old versions that had a slight difference between them, instead of seeing that change, I'm getting the diffs are too large message.

yeah just started noticing this for our apps too. it's definitely not another editor making changes on our end.

and even if it were, they would not being doing it in the milliseconds between my releasing whatever "Diffs are too large to display in Retool." is (i'm assuming some programmatic stuff on Retool's end) and my immediate checking of "Compare changes". i can do this over and over and there are always a massive amount of undisclosed changes in this manner.

This is a big issue because I cannot see what changes I'm releasing, @everett_smith

(Previously I might see "Diffs are too large to display in Retool." a couple times a year, assuming that Retool made some change to the way the components' fields were formatted or something; I'd release it in isolation and then have the nice "no changes" shown immediately afterward, from which point I could resume my intentional, clear changes.)

I'm currently experiencing it with diffs that used to show me data.

Yep, good call on trying this, Omar. I tend to release often and with concise release descriptions, even if the change is one-line.

Trying to compare across such known previous releases where there'd be a tiny difference, it shows ”Diffs are too large to display in Retool.” no matter what the comparison.

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Hey all, Thank you for flagging this to us! Our on-call engineering team is currently troubleshooting this issue. We'll follow up on this post with any major status updates.

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Hey @dguzzo @sgodoshian @PadenM @Omar_Tarek @Son_To @avr Our engineering team has put out a fix for these unexpected updatedAt changes as described by @sgodoshian . On the off chance you're still seeing any related issues, let us know!


Thanks Everett! Confirmed fixed on our end. Phew, what a relief to see the "No diff to preview" message on the Compare changes screen! :star2: