Bug: Unable to scroll vertically in compare changes


I encountered the issue today vertical scroll is not working on compare changes and cannot check delta between versions.



Same for me. Started last night; I thought it was a fluke.

For some reason the overflow of the container is set to hidden; putting it to auto or scroll fixes the problem if anyone needs a once-off Chrome DevTools workaround until this is patched.

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Thanks @kazue.sasatani for surfacing and @dguzzo for adding to this thread with a workaround in the meantime! Our eng team has merged a fix for this that has not yet been released, we'll keep you updated here once that's fully deployed :slight_smile:


And this is now fixed on Retool Cloud!

If you've had a Retool app open for awhile and still see the scroll issue, just do a hard refresh of the page (command + shift +R shortcut on a Mac, control + shift + R on Windows) and you should see it fixed.

Thanks again for everyone's patience while we fixed this lil regression :bowing_woman: