CollectionView doesnt working anymore after Update from 3.30.2 to 3.32.1

Hi Team,

we updated Retool self-hostet today from 3.30.2 to 3.32.1 and now the collection view in our mobile app doesnt work anymore (doesn't show content):

The items are constructed with containers:

we restored the vm to the old Version and it works. This is how it should look:

Are there any ideas?


Kind Regards

The topic can be closed. The problem no longer occurs in version 3.33.1.

Is there any way I can close the topic myself or does a moderator have to do it?


Hi @Hendrik ! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

As the owner/creator of this topic, you should have the powers to go ahead and "Mark as Solution". You can mark a comment as a solution with the check mark option like below :white_check_mark: - and I'd encourage you to mark your above comment as the solution here! Thanks for confirming this is fixed in version 3.33.1, I'm sure this could help others looking into the same issue.

Also, as a related FYI, you may have already learned about this, but just in case others are curious - we recently updated our release cadence as described here: Self-hosted Retool quarterly and weekly releases

Hi @kbn,

it was too obvious for me to recognise, sorry! :smile:

And thanks for pointing out the new publishing rhythm. I had actually already seen it. :nerd_face:

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