Check webhook data for exact run (or get detailed log)

Hi guys,

Is there a way to get detailed log for exact workflow run?

To be more specific, I get such error for some runs - Screenshot uploaded to CleanShot Cloud. And I need to check data I received from provider with that specific scenario run.

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hey @Oleksandr_Dovgopol thanks for asking about this! The workflows eng team is actively working on improving the logs! Appreciate this specific feedback on what you'd ideally need for your use case. The changes the team has planned should definitely fit this use case, and I've shared your direct quote with them on the internal feature request as they move forward on this. :bowing_woman:

We don't have an exact timeline yet, but will be sure to circle back here with updates as this is linked to the internal tracking ticket.

Thank you for your reply, kbn.
I'm waiting for that feature extremely.

Just for your team's inspiration want to share some thoughts about my usercases.

There is a lot situations when you need to check every workflow run not just success/failed but dig inside every operation was made.

For example, we get data from the bank and put it into our database. 100 transactions total per workflow run. But after run we note that only 98 transactions have been put to database successfully. So we have to check every operation, what data was delivered and where an error appeared.

For an instance I want to share interface which I consider as convenient - Screenshot uploaded to CleanShot Cloud. As you can see after every run I can dig inside data for every block and check all the data was received/delivered.

@Oleksandr_Dovgopol Thank you for your feedback, detailed use case and example visual of an interface you would be interested to see in our workflows product. I've passed this directly to our Workflows product manager for consideration :slightly_smiling_face: We'll keep you updated on anything new here, but I don't yet have an estimated timeframe for when updates to workflows logging will land. Stay tuned!

Hey @Oleksandr_Dovgopol in the time since you posted this, the Workflows team has made some updates to logging, so I'd highly recommend you check it out! The logs should show more of the type of info you were looking for now:

Let us know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeeeah! I've noticed those new logs a few days ago, and they are absolutely amazing!
Thank you guys for your brilliant job. It's exactly the same what I have dreamed about!

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So glad to hear it @Oleksandr_Dovgopol ! I passed your feedback to the Workflows eng team and they really appreciated hearing how excited you are to see these improvements. Thanks again for creating this post to share your interest in more visibility into the logs!

Please keep sharing requests, questions, or even tips for other Retool developers here in the forum! I'll close this one out as resolved :white_check_mark:

Happy workflow building :slight_smile: