Better Indication of Failed Runs

Currently I have multiple workflows running and when I land on the home page, there is no indicator of whether there have been any runs in the past day, and most importantly, did any of them fail.
Is there a better way to do this than go to individual workflows and look at "run history"?

Hey Chaitanya! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:
It would be very helpful if you can elaborate what is failing and what you're expecting to see, for us to push you in the right direction :-). I'm thinking of a few possible paths, but without any idea if what your input and expected output looks like, it's not possible for me to chip in with something helpful.


Hi, thanks for the response!
So currently I have 3 workflows setup, and my "workflows" home screen looks something like this

However, as a creator and maintainer of these workflows, my worry throughout the day is "have my workflows all run properly?", which I am currently finding going into each workflow and looking at "Run History" like this

In one of them I have setup a REST-API based alert to message me on discord if there is a failure.
The failure itself could happen for any reason, but it would be great if the retool workflows landing page has a summary of how many workflows have been executed in the last, say 12, hours, and if any of them need my attention, almost like a "dashboard".
Not sure if I am missing an easier way to do this. Thanks in advance for the help!

Hey @chaitanya this is a great idea!

It sounds like you already have this set up with discord but I just want to confirm that, at the moment, the best workaround is to set a global error handler that posts errors to an external source and then copy that to each of the workflows you want to monitor.

I've surfaced your suggestion with the dev team and they're interested in doing something like this as well, if it gets picked up and implemented I can report back here to let you know :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback!

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Oh I wasn't aware of the global error handler, I had written JS code to filter out possible errors after multiple trials.. Trying this out, thanks!

Hey folks! Just wanted to point out that you should now be able to see errors when viewing all of your Workflows at once :slightly_smiling_face:

This is great, thanks a lot!