Saving workflows run history

Hi there.

I'm curious, is there a way to store and review workflow run history without accessing specific workflow?
I want to have access to all workflows run histories (name, timestamp, status) that have run this month. Is there already functionality for this or do I need to create a custom one?

Hey @mathias! If you are Self-Hosted (instead of Cloud), you could query for this, but otherwise (on Cloud), a custom option (like pushing run history data to a database) would be best.

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Would you be able to explain a bit more about querying this data on self hosted?

You can configure a Postgres resource to hit the storage database for your instance 7 (this is separate from Retool Database) using the same credentials that are in your instance's environment variables!

The default setup would look something like this:


For example, there's a users table in the database with information like this: