ChangeLog on Module showing more

  • Goal: Submit changes and compare changelog.

  • Details: When i go to compare changes i see multiple changes that are not real. On this image below i added an input and it shows a new item as i spelled it. Is this just a changelog error or will my module actually have a bunch of inputs i can not see anymore?

Hi @PadenM thanks for flagging! :thinking: I haven't seen this before. Did you already publish the release? You should be able to preview it in end user mode to check that it looks as expected, before publishing.

If you duplicate the app, does it have extra inputs? (duplicating the app only duplicates the latest/editor version).

So there is only one input but i found the names that were created as i was typing the full name in the export json of code. here is one piece from the exports that has tons of names that seem to have been created as i typed them:

There are about 164 of these items

Any chance you can send the export to me?