Changelog detailed posts

In the past the change log was consistently published weekly with small detailed incremental changes and updates. Recently, those have not been going out. I honestly really looked forward to reading them to see what changes have been made and fixes been worked on.


Hi @PadenM,

Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate hearing that you looked forward to the weekly incremental changelogs. Recently, we made some adjustments to our release process. Here’s an update on what’s changed:

  1. Highlighting Major Changes: We noticed that important changes could sometimes get overlooked in the longer lists of incremental updates. To address this, we've started emphasizing major updates more prominently in the cloud changelog.

  2. Increased Release Frequency: We've moved to releasing updates twice a week to continuously push out improvements. This change means that listing every single change in detail could become quite cumbersome and harder to digest.

We understand the value of the detailed incremental changelogs and have shared your feedback directly with our documentation team. They are considering how we might continue to keep you informed without overwhelming you with too much information.

Thanks again for your input, and please keep it coming. It helps us improve!