View changes in 'history' tab

The history tab has a useful list of individual changes, along with a 'revert' option... BUT... I can't see any way to actually VIEW the change - without this, I'm reverting blindly, especally since reTool generates a lot of individual change values.

the ability to view the diff for each commit in the history tab will be incredibly powerful - especially given that two devs can accidentally overwrite each others work.

Hey @Quirkz!

Thanks for your feedback here. We do have some support for looking at the diffs for changes with versioned releases that I just want to drop in case it's helpful. I can understand wanting to build fast, not be slowed down by needing to regularly create new releases, and seeing a history full of "Edit table1" changes in that flow is pretty opaque :confused:

We're definitely aware that the multi-editor experience can be greatly improved and we can let you know here when there's an update on that front as well!

Yeah, I managed to figure out that regular draft releases is a decent way to track/tag work in an easier to review fashion :slight_smile: