Change Icon Boolean Column

I have a Column of type Boolean.The column is not editable but shows the database data. I want to use other Icons for either 'true' or 'false'. Preferably I would like to create something similar to the image below. Anyone knows how to fix this?


Schermafbeelding 2023-07-04 091517

You could change your column type to "Icon" instead of "Boolean" and use whatever icon you wish?

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That would be great if it's that simple :wink:
Cannot find the option to set it to 'icon' though.. I tried to set it to type; text and add an icon, but that did not work either...

ahhhh I was looking at the current/new table options, not the legacy table

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In the end I used the mapped value to add icons. You can just copy and paste icons in all the retool fields. Didn't know that :sweat_smile:

Schermafbeelding 2023-07-07 094114


Hi Ellen,
Glad to hear you found a work around for getting icons into the legacy tables.
I'm in the same situation - but I can't even manage to copy/paste the icons into the Mapped value field.
When I try it just pastes the icon text value. i.e. '/icon:bold/interface-alert-warning-triangle'
Can you please explain how you copy/pasted it (where from?) and I'll see if I can replicate your steps?
Seems like a silly question to ask, I know..
Thanks in advance!


Yes, you should use universal unicode emoji's.
Google 'unicode emoji', you get several websites with a list of the emoji's and how they look like in different situations (google/android/browser, etc.)

Mostly there is just a button 'copy' to copy the emoji, and then paste it in your Retool field.
Or right click to copy and paste.

/icon to access the Retool Icons, in my experience, doesn't work in all fields, therefor I used unicode emoji's.

Good Luck :smiling_face:

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