Icon or Image as Column Label

I want to add image as column label for different columns. Different images for different column as label. is there a way to do it?/

You can use Ctrl Alt Space and that will pop up icons to use in the Label field

I am talking about this label


I tried using Ctrl ALt Space. it's not showing icons. Nothing is happening infact

and if i want to add custom image or logo using URL?

If you're on a Mac, it's Control–Command–Space bar

No I am on windows
I tried multiple times. Ctrl + Alt + Space. Nothing

I want to show table like this.
Please help

That is completely different. And, I don't believe is possible. You would have to use an Image component and align it above each column

Agreed that the table doesn't support this currently :disappointed:

I'd also recommend checking out the listView - it has a grid/horizontal option, which may work well for this case

@ScottR @Tess

I came up with a solution to add the icon using custom CSS by getting the id and class name of each column header and add image as background using CSS in retool and making the label class transparent. It worked


That is great to hear!
Can you share the CSS?

#table2--0 > div._8HBl0 > div.c9X6x > div > div:nth-child(9) > div > span.-pifF._4EzI8 {
margin-top: 5px;
background: url("// You background image url");
background-size: contain;
background-repeat: no-repeat

#table2--0 > div._8HBl0 > div._c9X6x > div > div:nth-child(9) > div:after {
top: 0.14999rem;
position: relative;

#table2--0 > div._8HBl0 > div.c9X6x > div > div:nth-child(9) > div > span.-pifF._4EzI8 {

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Just be careful as sometimes components change their names behind the scenes when Retool is updated...