Cell click event handler not work if the click point is out of area of content

Hello, Say I have a cell of column of Shopify ID,
When I click the area between the red border and green border, the event handler of cell click will not be trigger.
Unless I click the area in the green border it will trigger.

sometime our data is very short, such as only one character a, it very hard to locate the mouse to it, sometime the value of the cell maybe empty, at that time, you CAN'T handler the click event.


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Thanks, Anson! I'll let you know when we ship a fix for this.

For the time being, I'm wondering if it would be helpful to have a cell selection

event? It's still true that if the cell is already selected and you click the space around the cell content, the event won't trigger, but if it's not selected yet and you click anywhere in the cell, the selection event will trigger

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As you mentioned, if cell is selected, select will not be triggered again when It was clicked.
I opt to wait than use this workaround.

Thanks for your help.

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