Click Cell Event When Column is Empty

The click cell even handler doesn't seem to be working if the cell is empty. Is this a bug or a feature? Regardless that is something I am trying to do :slight_smile:
CleanShot 2023-09-20 at 23.21.45

I think it should be a bug.
I have report it here several days ago.

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:disappointed: We'll post here when we have a fix for this bug!

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I share others' concerns in re this. Are any updates available? If not then I plan to replace each empty cell with a clickably-sized target such as "None" or "No frigging data here".

would just a single space work so you can keep it visually empty?

I don't think so. Retool seems to strip white space from cell contents.

thats a bummer, I just noticed that the click event is never triggered only if the cell is not editable.... you can dynamically set editable to something like:
{{ typeof item === 'string' ? false : true }}

this way if the cell has a value it remains locked and if it's null it becomes editable and clickable. in the click event you can add a JS Script to set the editable property to false if you want to avoid the interaction so the blinking cursor doesn't appear

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This is still in our backlog :disappointed: It's something we want to fix, but haven't been able to prioritize yet

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