Can't update just one record

Hello everyone, please help me. I searched for decisions on the forum, but I couldn't find them. So I want to update just one record in the table. But I have some problems.
I have all fields editable, I have the primary key, and summary I have "table was not found"?
Could you help me, please? How does single row update work

Is the primary key set in the GUI query resource? And are you setting it to be Update record or Bulk update? (Shouldn't matter ) but cannot tell from screenshot.
Also you should probably use changeSetArry instead.

Thx for the answer. Yes, I have the primary key, I just want to update the existing record, but I can't understand the error message, because this table exists. Can u help me?

Try changeSetObject instead...
Is this from any documentation? I can try to recreate it as well if so

yes, I watched the video and tried to update the records, as I understand, the "recordUpdates" is not supported and we need to use "changeSetObject" or "changeArrayObject". But unfortunately, I can’t update one record in the table with these commands, or I misunderstood something.

Helped me understand, that if you want to update a specific record, you can refer to a particular row in the table, for example like this: {{table_customers.changesetArray[0]}}